Modular Digital Display Solutions

Out of Home Displays

DST is powering Digital Out of Home (DOOH) displays through its Videobrix technology, which creates modular digital display screens set to revolutionize the large format DOOH sector for entertainment, advertising and signage, speeding the transition from paper to digital in a cost effective and highly innovative way.

Videobrix is a plug & play display assembled from digital panels that are easily connected and automatically configured to create full colour displays of any size, whether temporary or permanent, for indoor and outdoor use.

Square panels sized upwards from 400mm (16 inch) with self-contained electronics sit together with the power and media connecting through specially designed plugs.

The signal to the video processor can be supplied via all industry standard formats, which then feeds directly to the screens, automatically configuring to the correct size and image orientation. The panels attach easily onto a robust and lightweight aluminium frame to create display structures of any size.

Image module

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