Current Projects

Alongside its other technologies, DST is developing complementary technologies which are in various stages of design and development. These new product ranges support our existing offerings and rely on DST’s revolutionary printed electronics technology to enable the creation of flexible electronic circuitry on a range of materials, such as plastic, paper, cloth, and synthetics.

These new ranges include Sports Body Dot™ and TPSFTM Photovoltaic Solar Film.

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Sports Body Dot

A wearable electronic body sensor for measuring movement and impact

Sports Body Dot technology is an easy to use, unobtrusive, safe and secure way to record and analyse movement, impact, and stress.

Sports Body Dot has been developed to address the challenges of analyzing the circumstances of an injury to the body and then making the data collected much more accurate in the assessment of the injury. This in turn will lead to the application of better processes and procedures for players and more effective clothing.

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TPSF Solar Film™

TPSF solar film is transparent film for windows and smooth surfaces, capable of being retrofitted to existing installations. It is developed using DST’s proprietary deposition processes in order to print conductive materials onto film which is overprinted with the solar reactive compounds to produce a transparent photovoltaic solar film. The resultant solar conductive methodology is highly efficient and is more productive than traditional solar panels.

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