low cost, longer life, faster-charging

Battery Power

Based on DST’s same core printed electronics technology for flexible materials, DST has invented a non-lithium-ion battery technology, Batri TM – which is faster charging, more efficient at discharge, lighter weight and uses chemical compounds which are non-toxic and less volatile.

In conjunction with Manchester and Warwick Universities in the UK, prototypes are being developed and tested. This non-lithium based technology offers a great many advantages over other currently available technologies and DST aims to offer a viable alternative to many of the large and small battery products that businesses are accustomed to using every day.

DST is working with partners to distribute its power cell products, particularly in the area of alternative power source such as wind, wave and solar. DST’s batteries are lighter weight, quicker to charge, have a lower charge threshold, are less expensive to manufacture and use non-toxic materials. 1, 10 and & 100 kWh power cells for light and heavy industrial use are in development.

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